Sunday School


  • Kindergarten Class
  • Joy Street for grades 1-6

The goal of the kindergarten class is to provide a loving, safe environment in which classic Bible stories are presented in a fun and age-appropriate way. Our teachers have been caring for children for years and are committed to sharing the love of God in tangible ways.  We may  not have the largest class, but you won’t find a church where more love and attention is poured out.

Joy Street’s philosophy is to provide a loving, safe Christian environment that will nurture our children in their faith in God and foster a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. The format of Joy Street is based on the workshop rotation method. Each rotation, which lasts four to six weeks, focuses on the same Bible story or concept. Children explore the story in workshops like art, games, cooking, science, computers and movies. Each Sunday begins with music  Children are then divided into two levels (Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6) to participate in a fun and lively workshop that is appropriate for their age level. We welcome your children and we will care for them because each one is a special gift from God.

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