The Bridge

The Bridge is a ministry for 7th and 8th graders. This program helps with the transition from Roots and Wings and the Young Disciple program, when our kids affirm their faith and are baptized, into our high school youth group, when our kids prepare to enter adulthood.

the-bridge-1The program meets twice a month. On the second Friday of the month, the kids join the Roots and Wings program. On the third or fourth Sunday of the month (except in November and January) our 7th and 8th graders will have a chance to interact with our high school youth group. At this gathering, the focus will be on service.

Please make sure to mark the following dates on your calendar.  Please also note that parents are welcome to join in the Friday program that coincides with Roots and Wings. Parents will head off for their own conversation after worship, while the youth continue with the program. When the youth meet on Sunday, however, parents are expected to merely drop off and pick up their kids.

  • Friday, September 11 – Christian Unity
  • Sunday, September 20 – Our Community of Faith
  • Friday, October 9 – Scripture
  • Sunday, October 18 – Our Neighborhood
  • Friday, November 13 – Openness of the Table
  • Sunday, November 22 – Our City
  • Friday, December 11 – Leadership of the Laity
  • Sunday, December 20 – Our State
  • Friday, January 8 – Catholicism
  • Sunday, January 24 – Our Region
  • Friday, February 12 – Protestantism
  • Sunday, February 21 – Our Country
  • Friday, March 11 – Disciples
  • Sunday, March 20 – The World
  • Friday, April 8 – Other Religions
  • Sunday, April 17 – Our Community of Faith

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