Rev. Joshua Sawyer | Senior Minister


I decided to start taking my faith seriously at a summer bible camp in Okoboji, Iowa when I was in high school and like Jacob, I haven’t stopped wrestling with God ever since. I feel blessed to serve such a rich and storied community of faith. Even more, I feel blessed to have my family grow and develop as people of faith at First. The truth is I love helping people to connect to God. I have found that faith is dynamic, not static, so I enjoy the freshness of faith as we continue to grow as Christians in community. I invite you to join this fresh expression of faith today, whether it be through the traditional means of worship and study or untraditional means of running or art. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Z. McNeil | Associate Minister of Mission First!

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Z. McNeilMillie and Rudy Larsen eagerly entered my name in the First Christian Church-Omaha cradle roll the week my parents received infant me through adoption. I first learned about Jesus here. I first experienced the power of Christian community here. I was baptized here and ordained here. Since then, I’ve traveled the world, earned three degrees, raised a family, served ministries in six states and one foreign country, and most recently stepped out of my comfort zone to serve as a fund-raiser for the organization through which my parents adopted me so many years ago (Child Saving Institute, just down Dodge Street here in Omaha). I’ve known great joy and experienced my share of heart-ache. The goodness of God, which I first experienced as a child in this church, continues to surprise, uphold, amaze and challenge me. Every. Single. Day.

With deep gratitude I am returning home to share ministry with First Christian Church-Omaha. In Jesus’ name we’ll carry on this congregation’s great legacy of mission and service. We’d love to welcome you home to First Christian Church-Omaha, too.

First Christian Church Staff


  • Nursery Coordinators: Adam and Lizz Brennfoerder

Office Staff:

  • Office Manager: Lynn Cooper
  • Maintenance Engineer: Dustin Miller
  • Bookkeeper: Thomas Mohr

Worship Staff:

  • Choir Director: Fred Goodhew
  • Organists: Gina Simpson and Ann Spangler
  • Band Director: Lisa Hild

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