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Worship in-person at 10:00 a.m. starting May 2 or on our Vimeo at 10:00 a.m. for online live-stream worship

Join us at 10:00 a.m. for In-Person worship starting May 2

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We are so glad you have stopped by to learn about this vibrant community of faith, which has been a part of the city of Omaha for nearly 150 years. First Christian is a great place to deepen your Christian faith through worship, service, study and fellowship. Together with people from various life circumstances, interests and ages you will find a welcoming space to entertain your heartfelt questions and respond to God’s unmerited grace. I invite you to look around and come and join in God’s work…

Rev. Joshua Sawyer  |  Senior Minister

Worship Services

At First Christian Church, we offer Sunday School and Sunday worship services in different styles to suit our congregation’s unique needs.

Spiritual Enrichment

While we are social distancing due to COVID-19 all spiritual enrichment opportunities will be held via Zoom. Please watch the slides above with links and details.


While we are social distancing due to COVID-19 join us via live stream on Vimeo on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. We’ll have hymns, a children’s moment, prayers, a scripture reading, a mediation as well as communion.


Did you miss service with us last Sunday? We offer our sermons here for you to read. Soon, we will be offering audio sermons as well. Stay tuned…

A Good Steward in God’s Image…and Spiders

A Good Steward in God’s Image…and Spiders

A stone from the quarry is rough, but as the artist slowly chips away at it, he brings it to  perfection. Our life is like that rough stone and each act of good deed that we do, large or small, is a chip of the chisel. When we act, each act moves us closer to being a...

Joy: A Commitment We Make

Joy: A Commitment We Make

Ways to recover and / or rediscover JOY! Prepare ourselves to experience joy. Retrace our steps. Commit to the exercise of being joyful. Have a slice of pie. Because who doesn’t experience joy when they eat pie?   Click Here To Download...

Joy: A Commitment We Make

Joy: An Outfit We Put On

The Psalmist today says that joy is like an article of clothing that is “put on”. When was the last time that you “put on joy”? Perhaps it is time to go through our closets, and if you haven’t seen joy in some time, go ahead and move things around. It’s in there...






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